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There is one little story, about a man, a--a minister and his... some of, one of his congregations. And he said he could walk a log.
He said, "Pastor, sure, the Lord is with you."
He said, "I can pack a log across my back, when I go across."
"Sure, the Lord is with you." And he went and done it.
He said, "I can pack a log, and wheel a wheelbarrow across, at the same time."
"Sure, Pastor, the Lord is with you. Your faith can do anything."
He said, "I can put you in the wheelbarrow, and pack the log."
He said, "Now wait a minute!" See?
It's different when you're included in it, yourself. See? Now, that, it's mighty good for us to say here, "Amen." It's mighty good for us to say, "I believe that's true." But then put it in action. You got to put it in action.
As I brought that statement this morning, the people was laying in the shadow of Peter, they never even asked for prayer.
I've went into many homes, watching this. Pray before I go, and just go in there with the anointing, and don't even pray for the people, and walk out and they're healed. See? See? That's right. I've seen it done so many times! See? You've got to have somewhere to place your faith. See? You've got to believe it.

William Branham, Sermon "Humble Thyself"