Triumph over every denomination, triumph over all paganism, a living God made manifest in a living temple. And the Word of God, which is God, is made flesh in you. Why? You're seated in heavenly places, triumphed over all things in Christ Jesus. Amen. Oh, I just love It. I have to skip something and go on.
Now, listen. Then the least of His believers, no matter how--how long, or who--who, little, or whatever you are, the least of His believers in Him has all evil under them. See? Look. Christ is the Head of the Body. Is that right? Well, wherever the Head is, the body's with It. Glory. Where my head goes, it takes my body with it. And where Jesus is, the Church is with Him. Amen. He don't get out of His Word; He stays in His Word, watches over It to make It manifest. His Church is with Him.
And look, you say, "But, Brother Branham, I'm the least one." That's the soles of His feet. But remember, He's triumphed with you; triumphed with you over every bit of it, even if you're the soles of His feet. Every sickness, every devil, every power, even death itself is under your feet: under you. Glory.

William Branham, Sermon "Christianity Versus Idolatry"

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