General Byrd, when he was making his expedition to the South Pole. He thought that his people--the friends that were with him should need some fresh milk. So he would take a little herd of cattle along with him, good milkers, so they could have some milk down in the frigid zone, Antarctic. So, he said, "Well, we'll take some cows." And they happened to think, "If we're changing these cows from up here in the temperate zone to down in the frigid zone, them cows will take pneumonia and die, if we drive them up in there." So, they went and made them a lot of coats, great big fur coats and put over these cows. But you know what? When they got there, they found out they didn't need it. God had growed them a long hair, so they didn't need them man-made robes.
That's what the Church is today. I don't care if you're cast out yonder on the street with a tin can in your hand... If you got a tambourine in your hand, if you're a mission worker, don't want to be a Billy Graham or a Oral Roberts. Wait on the Lord. He will provide everything you have need of. Wait till you hear that still small Voice. That's what we need. Wait.

William Branham, Sermon "What Hearest Thou, Elijah?"

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