Shepherd brings in all the sheep and puts them in there, then he goes and lays down across the door. And the sheep, or the wolf can't come in, or the sheep go out without crossing the shepherd. I thought, "Isn't that wonderful." See, He is the Door to the sheepfold. See? Nothing can come to the sheep unless the shepherd permits it. And if we got the Shepherd at the door, how secure and--and happy should we be. Satan can't touch you unless the Shepherd permits it. And it's all for the good whatever it has to be.
In this country shepherd doesn't mean very much, why, some ancient word. But over there a shepherd, oh, my, and sheep... The people live by their sheep. And the shepherd takes care of them.
One time while going through the country, I noticed in the far east, of a--of a little... In India how that they had the--a shepherd came down and was bringing his sheep, and he... I thought of that parable there where it said, "My sheep know My voice. A stranger they will not follow." Now, that sheep was borned under the tutorship of this shepherd. He learns that voice; he will never pay attention to anybody else's voice. He learns that shepherd's voice. Another shepherd might call, they might do whatever they want to, but there's some little something about that shepherd that the sheep recognizes. See, that's the way it is with God's sheep. Strange voices, they--it just don't sound right; they just won't go; that's all. And if sheep can be tempted, but when it finds out that it's the wrong shepherd, it'll turn away.
And I notice how the sheep follow the example of the shepherd. Coming down through the streets, where there's a little narrow streets of streets in the eastern countries there, were made in the days of chariots, when they had the chariots that went through the streets and horse riders. And they're very narrow. Very seldom you find one as wide as them posts there, very seldom. Sometime maybe, oh, twelve feet wide, the streets. Many of the--of the... Like in Oslo, Norway, the streets there is only about eight foot across in the old city; it's around fifteen hundred years old, and then you find out they didn't have automobiles in this modern age where they shuffle and jostle through the broad ways. See, man called them broad ways. And then standing on the outer drive in Chicago I thought of that many time, how that a three and four abreast going each way, the broad ways. And the elevation of the separation of the streets in the middle...?... into place. And for several miles a rail will rise up like this to separate your traffic at different times of the evening and different times of the day: Broad ways. In them days one of those lanes would've been a complete highway.
But seeing this shepherd come down through the city, it was a--it was alarming. There come a whole string of sheep following him. Now, the easterners put all their dainties out on the street; even their meats and everything else lays on the street and all their fruit and their pro--produce lays right on the street just like... Here's your store like this; they keep their stuff back in there, but you buy right off of the side of the walk. And there's no sidewalk; it's just a street. So everybody walks right in the street, just right down the street, the cobblestone street. And here come a shepherd down the street, walking, walking along, and behind him a string of sheep a city block long. And them sheep walking right by that produce and things and wouldn't turn right or left, they kept their eyes on the shepherd, moving right on through. I thought, "O God, what the shepherd means, not look right or left, not be tempted by this or that, but walk in the footsteps of the shepherd. They want to follow the shepherd."
I noticed one day while we were in a little British jeep riding around, there was a shepherd had a whole lot of animals up on the hill there, and he was feeding them. They were leading them, and taking them places. And in there he had sheep; in there he had goats; in there he had mules, had camels, everything. He was feeding them all; they was all grazing. And the shepherd was watching them. I said, "My, a shepherd here means many things. Also...?... a shepherd is a grazer." But said, "you know the strange thing it is, Mr. Branham," he said, "when nighttime comes, you watch," said, "all those sheep go right straight to the shepherd." Said, "The mules will stay out in the pasture." And said, "The camels will stay out in the pasture," but said, "and the goats will stay out in the pasture." But said, "The sheep all come straight to the shepherd when it comes nighttime. Why?" Said, "Because the sheep are put up at night and kept safe." I--I said, "Mister, don't talk like that; you'll make me start shouting right in the middle of the road." See? Nighttime's a coming. Many are grazing on the same thing, but only the sheep will He recognize. See what I mean? Just the sheep, the borned again. "Many are called; few are chosen." Oh, I love Him today, don't you?

William Branham, Sermons "The Supernatural"

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