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We are living in the most extraordinary time of humankind. This is the age where everything will come to an end, and where the final events concerning the world and the church will take place. The Lord will put an end to His Redemptive work for His people, and His millennial Kingdom is going to replace these wordly rotten kingdoms. For this reason God has performed many miracles in this generation: preparing those who are waiting for His coming. And this preparation is led by God through His Word, where He reveals Himself, as never before in the human history. So once more the Lord is using man as an instrument, a receptacle, to pour His Grace.

In the twentieth century there was only a man used by God so powerfully, to restore faith and power in His church. His name is William Marrion Branham. He might have been the most controversial person in ecclesiastical circles. But the best way to cath the truth is studying and analyzing by yourself, in order to come to a conclusion. In the Bible there is an episode written in the first chapter of St. John, where Philip knew Jesus being Messiah and went to call his friend Nathaneal, to share his revelation with him. But the latter sceptically said:''Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?'' (KJV). Philip answered him with great wisdom, saying:''Come and See''. And when Nathaneal listen to his advice, he could assure himself that Jesus was the very Messiah.

If you want to know more about what God has done for His people in this generation, and you are wondering:'' Did I miss anything great and important?'', this site will help you finding some answers


May God bless every reader and anyone who is looking for the truth!

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